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Posted by on Mar 10, 2016


            We all know that buying a house or some other type of real estate is a very big investment, and that this process usually cannot be completed without some kind of loan. Mortgage loans are a typical representative of long term loans, since they are taken for very long periods and they enable us to buy our homes. Not many people are able to buy a house without going into a bank or a credit union and filing for a mortgage, since this kind of purchase demands large quantities of cash and large majority of people have problems to collect the down-payment. Only people who have hit a jackpot or whose parents are famous or perhaps millionaires can hope to buy a home without being a “slave” to the bank, and the rest of us simply have to face reality and accept that mortgage loans are life-saving options in certain cases.

            When you finally decide to invest in a house, your first step should be to find a real estate agent, and it is always good to have a realtor who is familiar with the local conditions and has connections in that particular area. So, if you live in New York, for example, a real estate agent in Central Park South, New York would be a perfect solution, and this way you are sure that you will receive the best possible help. Most people buy a house only once in their lives, so they have a lot of pressure to make everything right and to hopefully live a long time in that real estate which they desire so much.

Real estate agents should be able to explain to you how the loan system works and what are mortgage loans. Once you realize that these loans can be potentially dangerous, and that banks have legal power to take away your home in case you default on your payments – you are ready to file for a mortgage. Banks usually take the home which you are buying as a collateral, which is a kind of guarantee that you will return the money to them within the agreed deadline. In case you don’t – you lose all rights to your real estate and the process of foreclosure will be activated. But, if everything goes right, and there is usually no reason not to – you will have a lovely home to raise your children in.

            Also, one other thing that you will need when you decide to buy a house is a certain amount of cash, which usually takes up to 20% of the value of the house, and this amount is deposited as a  down-payment. This means that you have to save for this amount before you begin the buying process, and it is best to make a strong savings plan and to open a separate savings account for these purposes. Only if you take this process seriously will you be able to save enough and buy that special piece of property.

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